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    Author: Thrity Umrigar The Space Between Us: A Novel · Read more · The Secrets Between Us. Read more · The Distance Between Us · Read more. It is the story of Bima, a maid, and her Parsi employer, Sera, in Mumbai. The story begins when both of the women are grandmothers and moves between each of their earlier lives and the current day. While both women experience harsh realities, Sera’s economic privilege shields her. space bet ween us thrity umrigar. F o r t h e r e a l B h i m a . the only thing she could hear was the habitual beating of her own dutiful heart B O O K. O N E.

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    The Space Between Us By Thrity Umrigar Pdf

    This is a story intimately and compassionately told against the sensuous background of everyday life in Bombay.”—Washington Post Book World “Braci. Abstract: Thrity Umrigar in her novel has clearly portrayed that betrayal In her novel The Space Between Us. Talks about two women who are worlds apart. "This is a story intimately and compassionately toldagainst the sensuous background of everyday life in Bombay." —Washington Post Book World " Bracingly.

    Sign up for our newsletters! Sera and her long-time servant, Bhima. Their union is tested again and again, frayed by Bhima's servile role, by Sera's educated, middle-class Parsi upbringing, and by the deeply-sown seeds of bigotry and class prejudice that rank Bhima as less than human. We see Sera struggle to overcome her class bias and we grit our teeth with frustration when she admits that the thought of Bhima sitting on her furniture, sleeping in her house and using her utensils makes her shudder. Umrigar masterfully depicts the paradox of Sera's desire to strengthen her bond with Bhima to help her and her family with her uneasiness as Sera is dragged further and further down into the muck and bog of Bhima's life, her world of filthy slums and political indifference. From the moment Bhima awakens on her thin mattress and Sera smiles tearfully over the onions on the chopping block of her sun-lit kitchen, we are absorbed in the polar, harshly contradictory lives of these women.

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    The Space Between Us

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    Trace the factors that cause each marriage to fail. And for all its failings, which woman has the better marriage? Sera's mother-in-law, Banu, makes life miserable for the young Sera.

    Is Banu the kind of mother-in-law that many American women can identify with?

    Examine the ways in which she is or isn't the typical in-law. The Afghani balloonwalla is a minor but pivotal character in the novel.

    What is his role? What does he symbolize or represent? The novel is told from the points of view of the two women, Bhima and Sera. Should it have included more points of view? For instance, should Viraf have had his own "voice"?

    How do you read the ending of the book?

    Is it a hopeful ending? Do you think the ending is justified, given what awaits Bhima the next day? What is your opinion about Sera, especially given the choice she makes in the end.

    Is she a sympathetic character? Or is she part of the problem? This is a novel about the intersection of class and gender. Can you think of ways in which gender bonds the two women and ways in which class divides them?