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Download the AFCAT complete solved question paper from AFCAT 1 Question (Size: KB / Downloads: 3,). Indian Air Force Common Admission Test AFCAT question paper with answers AFCAT Question with solution you can download it in FREE, if AFCAT paper in text or pdf for AFCAT Answer Keys you can download AFCAT page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File. AFCAT Previous Year Question Papers Here you can download AFCAT Question Papers CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD: 1.

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Afcat 2011 Question Paper Pdf

Indian Air Force Common Admission Test, AFCAT Paper PDF with answer/ solution for previous year AFCAT Exam are given on this page. All the AFCAT Papers. AFCAT Previous Year Question Paper , , , , PDF- IAF Previous Papers- Sample Papers- Notification Details. AFCAT will consist of questions and each question will be of three AFCAT Exam previous years question papers for AFCAT 2

Total No. Each Question is of three marks. One mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Do not write or mark on the Question Paper. Question Paper to be returned before leaving the Exam Hall.

February 7, 4: February 4, 4: February 2, 7: January 24, 3: January 31, Glad win Jerry. February 20, Saraswathi Reddy.

January 11, Chetan Kumar. January 7, 1: Asish sharma. December 7, 4: November 13, Sir please send me ten year previous paper air force both groups.

AFCAT Previous Year Solved Question papers : Download Free pdf here

November 8, I am not able to finding last exam questions paper on official site of IAF. October 12, 2: September 30, 1: September 20, 6: June 8, 8: April 28, 5: December 19, 6: Stay Connected with US.

The average age of remaining students is- a 15 years b 17 years c 20 years d 19 years Q After replacing an old member by a new member, it was found that the average age of five members of a club is the same as it was 3 years ago. What is the difference between the age of replaced member and new member?

AFCAT Solved Papers eBook (2011 – 2018)

The average salary of all the workers in a workshop is Rs. The average salary of seven technicians is Rs. The total number of workers in the workshop are- a 20 b 21 c 22 d 23 Q In one paper he gets 62 out of and in the second 35 out of How many marks should he get out of marks in the third paper to pass? If their savings are same what is the salary of A?

A trader mixes 26 Kg of rice at Rs. If he sells the mixture at Rs.

AFCAT (Technical Branch) Previous Years Question Papers With Answer Keys - All Exam Review Adda

The difference between the cost price and sale price is Rs. What percentage of profit did he earn on MRP?

The price of a scooter and a TV are in the ratio of If the scooter costs Rs. The speed of three cars is in the ratio of The ratio between the time taken by them to travel the same distance is- a b c d Q The ration between two numbers is If each number is increased by 6 the ratio becomes The difference between the numbers is- a 1 b 3 c 6 d 8 Q How much time will it take for an amount of Rs.

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At what rate of annual simple interest will Rs. The value of? A sum of Rs. The number of girls are- a 35 b 60 c 40 d 65 This is a test of your ability to understand words.

For each question four options are given. There is only one correct answer for each question. Mark the correct answer.

CITE means the same as a illustrate b reveal c recollect d quote Q The benefits of the plan are likely to be transitory. The hikers found several crevices in the rocks.

In each question, you are shown a picture of a block. Select the choice containing a block that is just like the pictured block at the left although turned in a different position. Below these are several numbered drawings.

You must determine which lettered figure is embedded in each of the numbered drawings.


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